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Life is a fine balance of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness. We hope you will find our site refreshing and insightful as you balance your life in this crazy world! Wishing you the best life you can have!                                            




Life Poetry

Poetry has many faces.  It can be an intense expression of deep emotions--or it can be a soft and gentle whisper of lighter thoughts throughout the day.  If your passion is writing, why not pick up a pen or start typing -- you never know what bits of poetry you  may come up with ...Let the poet in you go. You may be surprised at how therapeutic writing really is.


Key West sunrise to the left gave soul to the poem

Showcase of Wonderment


My friend above, Pops, helped me to see the beauty and character we all possess.  If we stop and look closely, we can learn something from everyone. 

Valuable People

Who Cries for Me?



              Can You Let It Go?

                   The Last Act


Let's Not Forget the Unborn  - Invisible Life


Pessimistically True


If You had the Power...

"If" I Could


Give Encouragement To Those in Trouble - Young Woman Stop!

 Who Are You?

     Inside Out

If you are interested in personalized poetry, e-mail me and let me know what I can do for you!  See Oscar's poem on the Healthy Pets tab.


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