Tidbits for Healthy Living
Life is a fine balance of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness. We hope you will find our site refreshing and insightful as you balance your life in this crazy world! Wishing you the best life you can have!                                            


Here is a list of our favorite links about how to feel good and energize. We hope this list helps you locate the products in my book, Feel Good--Easy Ways to Put Pep Back in Your Step on Amazon.  If you have suggestions about other sites to include, send email to dangime@tidbitsforhealthyliving.com

Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way

Learn how to live longer with energy and purpose.  Great read either hard copy or kindle.

How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live...

This is a great book on the Alexander Technique Method.

Dry Skin Body Brush

This is a body brush that may be used for dry skin brushing.

Gizmo Supply Inversion Fitness Table

This is one of the many inversion tables that can easily be used in inversion therapy.


This is one of the many vegetable juicers I recomend.  Stainless steel is good to use. Some juicers will stain with the coloring of the vegetables. However, stainless should fair better.

Take A Nap! Change Your Life

This is a great book that explains how and why you should nap for energy and brain power.  You think you know how to nap...think again.