Invisible Life


Although you couldn’t see me,
you never questioned that I was
there. Consumed by my future
became your daily care.

The first trimester began
with a bang. All your plans you

You made me so happy,
that first day you kicked in gear—
you resolved to be good and
stay away from the beer.
Not an easy task to do,

 since it was during your

relapse I came to you.
My teardrops flowed though

as I saw you suffer so,

as the panic attacks increased

and the doctor said your pills

had to go.

As if that wasn’t enough, you
came down with an awful flu.
I asked God, oh! What are we
to do?

Echoes of your voice rang in my
ears, as you toyed with names
I might take through the years.

For a few minutes I even heard talk
of a marathon run. It sounded
like you missed out on a lot of fun.

There was no question your
commitment was great.
You were willing to marry my
father, and yes, love forsake.

I am sorry I left so quickly,
without saying goodbye—
you had no control or reason

If we would have met,

I surely would have said

Thanks for trying—

You gave me your very best!

With flying colors,

You passed my test!


Goodbye Mom,